Thursday, November 29, 2012

DotComSecrets X Honest Review


DotComSecrets X was created by internet multi-millionaire Russell Brunson who helped many students and other internet marketers make a living. Believe it or not his business started with $20 dollars when he was attending college. This program can help small businesses market their products and increase their consumer base. Russell understood the changing atmosphere of business and that internet marketing in the way of the future. DotComSecrets x offers a nice package of the current internet marketing strategies that work. This tool allows for easy use and has everything needed to get your internet business started.

Russell Brunson said it himself that he has one goal, to help people make money. 100 people could become a millionaire, 1000 people may have potential to make 6 figures, 10,000 people will quit their job and a 100,000 people will make their first $100. This doesn’t sound like an impossible achievement because although the tool works you must put hard work into it like any other job or business. What exactly does this tool deliver? This program is a list building power house which gives you long term opportunities to make money online. Russell gives you an opportunity to basically try it out for 30 days or less because he believes the products is that effective.

Dotcomsecrets ebook review and feedback

If you apply the skills learned with the programs in the proper way you will see results. The key concept you must realize with using this program is that the list is the money makers. You must create the right list of emails. The bigger your email list the larger your opportunity is to make money. Because the list is so important you must continue to build your list every day and that is where the true work exists. Sounds challenging but this tool helps you build your list.

Squeeze pages are used to get customer to type their names and emails into a form. There are sales pitches that are used to get customers excited about the products increasing your chances of getting emails. Creativity is needed to create your own unique sales pitch to send to customers. To get your list building business started you may have to purchase advertisement. This is relatively cheap and can help you build a list so big you will make up for advertisement cost. DotComSecrets X is a great, easy way to make money try today at low costs.

Manuel Holder is CEO and Founder of Nu Money Marketing.

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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Internet Marketing Phoenix | Mobile Marketing

Have you ever noticed that people tend to spend more time chatting on their cell phones and surfing the mobile net rather than sitting in front of their PC. It is an established fact that over 5 billion people walk around with a mobile phone - the market is five times larger than the internet. If you are seriously considering getting into mobile marketing, then I must congratulate you; as you will inevitably be getting in on the ground floor of this very lucrative business model; but first you will need to fully digest and understand just how explosive this mobile web marketing revolution really is.

Over 2 million smart phones have recently been sold by Apple while Google have recently released a report showing that over 160,000 Droid smart phones are being activated every single day, 24/7! Although the web is quite literally overrun with advertising, nobody has taken serious note of the alternative that is staring them in the face. There is still very little competition in mobile marketing. This massive market could be yours to fully exploit at will!

The statistics show that over HALF of all new Internet connections are from mobile "smart-phones" over 5 billion mobile phone owners are carrying miniature computers around with them in their pockets or handbags 24 hours a day seven days a week. Furthermore, statistics prove that over 90% of people keep their phones within 3 feet of themselves 24/7. And yet it is a fact that the majority of online marketers simply have no idea how to market to people who aren't glued to their PC.

Do you realise that with mobile advertising your Ad is going to be the ONLY Ad on the Page! For this very reason the conversion rates achieved with mobile marketing completely blow those achieved on internet marketing right out of the water. Imagine just how easy it would be to grab a person's attention without the distraction of numerous AdWords and flashing banners on the page. YOU are the one and ONLY call to action on the entire page!

With this form of affiliate marketing you do not need to learn any new tricks! ClickBank, CPA and the building of marketing lists work in exactly the same way on mobile as they do on your PC. (But it's a lot easier to do on mobile)....Once everything is fully implemented and running there is no need to constantly make changes as what works with mobile marketing STAYS working. No constant changes to 'algorithms', no 'spiking keyword bids'...etc...etc.

It must be perfectly obvious to you by now; that now is the right time to take decisive action if you really want to break into this very lucrative area of mobile web marketing. Nobody has an absolute advantage over you at this present moment in time...but you will need to move very quickly, if you really want to find yourself in the exclusive and enviable position of being able to seize upon the prime assets within the mobile phone advertising market as this web marketing phenomenon explodes right around the globe!

The advent of mobile marketing has just begun... history tells us that it is always the early adapters to new technologies that reap the massive rewards on offer. People, who procrastinate and put things off, content to watch from the sidelines, eventually find that they have left it too late, to make any sort of impression. They find that the entire landscape has changed; the goal posts have shifted. They suddenly find themselves faced with insurmountable competition from those who were intelligent enough to jump in at the start. They have been left out in the cold!

Manuel Holder is CEO and Founder of Nu Money Marketing.

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