Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Rich Jerk Review: Secret Internet Marketing Techniques

The Rich Jerk Review, secret internet marketing techniques
will help you make money.

The Rich Jerk claims:

* To reveal the unconventional marketing techniques that
made him millions of dollars each year.

* Most of his methods have never been seen or used.

* He is better than you because he's Rich.

The Rich Jerk e-book description:

* 40 pages of useful content.
* 8 chapters covering the topic "Make real money online."
* Filled with the Rich Jerk personal experiences, tricks
and tips.
* Written in a clear and direct manner, he gets straight
to the point.
* Discount price of only $9.95!
* Legitimate Money Back Guarantee.

The perceived value:

An outstanding guide that covers in a unusual manner the
essence of Internet marketing techniques, targeted to
exploit the many opportunities of the Internet in a
profitable way.

The Rich Jerk value proposition is definitely delivered,
although the humour and style can be disturbing for some.
Just follow Rich Jerk link to read the outstanding sales
copy. After reading the e-book, I gained some motivation and
had a positive vibe to put into action the effective and new
marketing techniques I learned.

To build a successful home internet business you will need:

* An idea, a business model, a targeted and profitable niche.

* A Search Engine Optimized blog or website matching your
specific business model and goals.

* Massive targeted traffic.

* Excellent customer relations.

Most of the "how to make money on the internet" programs
cover highly specific topics such as: Google AdWords or
AdSense. Some programs cover all the topics broadly.
Finally, you end up with all these useless videos with a
"so what" attitude in mind. The Rich Jerk system is about
the "so what" attitude and informs the reader in a simple
direct way, what to do exactly to achieve success.

If you are not a beginner to Internet marketing, you may
know some of the techniques described in this e-book. The
value and power of this information comes from:

* The concrete description of the most relevant techniques.

* Useful tricks and tips for each of these strategies...
Some are worth 10 times the price of the e-book.

The drawbacks to the Rich Jerk Program are:

* The chapter explaining Internet ventures is a little bit
off the topic.

* The obnoxious 'big head' of Rich Jerk.

The bottom line is, making money on the internet is easy.
If you are familiar with the basic concepts of internet
marketing, then I'm sure that the Rich Jerk e-book
will give a tremendous boost to your home internet business.

Manuel Holder is a Internet Marketer and Entrepreneur.
Consulting individuals and businesses about
The Rich Jerk Program.