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Home Businesses - Multi-Level Marketing Versus Internet Marketing

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OK, you've decided to begin a Home Business. That's cool, but it
can be an immense struggle, if you don't have the proper strategies.
Let's look at two of the most common home business and
some strategies of each one.

Two common Home Businesses

* Multi-Level Marketing
* Internet Marketing

E-marketing or Internet marketing, is the marketing of services or
products Online. It's the method of marketing an enterprise using
Internet media. Internet marketing includes, but isn't limited to,
constructing or promoting a SEO friendly website.

7 Strategies of an Internet Home Business.

1. Service or Product
2. Website or Lead capture page
3. Write and Publish Content
4. Market research
5. Auto responder
6. Merchant account
7.Ongoing support and training

Network Marketing or Multi-Level Marketing is a business
distribution model that permits a parent company to promote
their products to customers through direct selling and referrals.

Successful Muti-Level Marketing models have included all the
strategies of Internet Marketing, to such a degree that both are
for the most part the same. The main difference being that the seven
strategies I mentioned earlier, are already put into place by the
top distributors or parent companies.

Remember this, most MLM home businesses want their
distributors to be successful.

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