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The Top 10 iPhone 4S Games Review

Consequently, you've got an innovative Apple iPhone 4S and you choose to play some online games on it. The problem is, you don't know what new games to play and where to get them. Well, you've come to the right place. In this article, we will list down the top 10 online games for the iPhone 4S. If you don't have Apple's newest mobile phone yet, don't be concerned, we will also show you how to get a free iPhone 4S later on.

First thing's first. How you can get these iPhone 4S video games? Certainly, you can get them from the iTunes store. Some of them are free. The majority of them require a nominal fee for download.

So, what are the best video games presently released for the fourth iteration of Apple's flagship product?

Number 10: Call of Duty World At War: Zombies II

The thing that was once a characteristic for the console versions of COD: WaW has turned out to be a full-fledged iPhone 4S video game. And so well known was the first installment that the follow up has dominated the App Store games segment for so many weeks after it was released. Think of World War II. Think of zombies. Bam! You've got a masterpiece!

Number 9: Fruit Ninja

Minimalism is the name of the video game for most of the entries in this Top 10. Fruit Ninja, in its barest format, is an action game that is so habit forming, you'll have trouble putting it down. Think about your touch as a sword, and swiping across the iPhone4's display screen would make your ninja avatar split through falling fruits. Exciting, exciting, fun!

Number 8: WORP

Possibly the most popular jigsaw video games for the iPhone4 is WORP. Consider it as Bejeweled Evolved and you'll recognize why this ought to be in the Top 10.

Number 7: Propaganda Lander

Pilot a spacecraft throughout alien terrains and dangers using your finger. This unique critically acclaimed iPhone 4Sgame won't fail!

Number 6: Espgaluda II

Is one amongst a new genre of games called bullet hell. Dodge bullets, missiles and lasers coming from everywhere. A truly very cool game that's sure to enthrall.

Number 5: Angry Birds

Possesses the record for having the most number of weeks at the top of the App Store games list. Control birds fueled by wrath as they extract their a day of reckoning on those who have done them wrong.

Number 4: Town Raiders 3D

A survival shooter. Destroy mobs upon mobs of foes and make it through via levels of progressive . Bound to keep you at the side of your seat.

Number 3: Doodle Jump

Searching for a simple game that will produce unquenchable addiction? Chosen as Online game of the Year by many online sources, besting console games on many events, Doodle Jump will supply the thrills you want.

Number 2: Grokion

As soon as you see the graphics of this magnificent side scroller, you'll begin to suspect if the iPhone4 really has any restrictions. We're referring to 128-bit graphic good-quality here. Episodic in nature, the first chapter is now available and has been the theme of rave reviews.

Number 1: Sword and Poker

Incredible mix of card game and sword & sorcery. Two genres joining forces to give you an iPhone 4Sgame for the ages. Currently the highest rated iPhone 4S online game of all time. This key fact, folks, defines a "must buy."

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