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Saturday, March 24, 2018

Loss limitation for binary options: Loss protection and early closure

Binary options work in such a way that the trader can achieve yields in the high double-digit or even triple-digit range on the one hand. On the other hand, however, there is always the risk of losing the stakes completely. In binary option trading, therefore, there is always a total risk of loss, which trader of course would like to avoid. For this purpose, some binary options brokers with the so-called loss protection offer the possibility to protect at least a smaller part of the invested capital. Such a loss hedge is not offered by any broker on the one hand, and on the other hand it usually reaches a maximum of 15 percent. A 15 percent loss hedge means that you will not lose all your capital in a lossy trade, but still 85 percent of the stake. Only the aforementioned 15 percent will be credited to you in spite of a loss-rich trade.

Another way to help you deal with binary options is to use the early closure feature. However, we would like to mention at this point that it is by far not all binary option brokers that provide such additional functions.

Early closure for binary options

The early closure as an additional feature is to be compared in a certain way with a stop-loss in stock trading. With the addition of early closure, the broker gives the trader the opportunity to practically sell back the stock option before it expires to the broker. If, for example, the trader finds that he is speculating on a rising Dax index, but the German stock index has lost significantly since the purchase of the binary option, he could make even greater losses by using the additional function, in this case even Total losses.

Stop-loss order as a classic means of loss limitation
The so-called stop-loss order is probably the most well-known means by which already opened positions can be hedged and losses minimized. This special order is used for all financial products belonging to the following groups.

Forex Trading
The stop-loss order is a very effective way for traders to minimize or limit losses when trading in foreign exchange as well as in equities and CFDs. This tool is offered free of charge by all our well-known forex brokers. An exception here are guaranteed stop-loss orders, where your position is also executed in the case of gaps or massive price slips at the desired stop-loss level. Guaranteed stop-loss orders are therefore usually charged and are not offered by all forex or CFD brokers.

Stop Loss Order

In a simplified manner, a stop-loss order stipulates that a financial product in stock, such as a stock, is automatically sold on condition that a price determined by the investor is reached. This course is typically almost always at a lower level than the cost price at which the investor has purchased a stock, for example. If this trader’s price is reached in real trade, the stop-loss order is executed immediately. This causes the position in the inventory to be smoothed by selling the corresponding value

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Nu Money Marketing: Why Work Only From Home? Here Are 17 Jobs You Can ...

Nu Money Marketing: Why Work Only From Home? Here Are 17 Jobs You Can ...: Some of these occupations require more dexterity, where others simply require sweat equity and determination to learn the ropes. Howev...

Why Work Only From Home? Here Are 17 Jobs You Can Do From Anywhere in the World.

Some of these occupations require more dexterity, where others simply require sweat equity and determination to learn the ropes. However, working from home, or on the beach in some remote destination, isn't some made-up fantasy. People from all walks of life are enjoying the benefits and freedom associated with being their own bosses.

Of course, this does require some sincere discipline. Once the zeal and enthusiasm of leaving a full-time job wears off, and reality sets in, understanding that you'll need to make ends meet begins to set in. And if you don't have some serious goals, effective time management skills, and deep down reasons on why you must succeed, you'll experience an uphill battle.

No matter what you decide to do, no matter the occupation you enter or skill set you decide to tackle, as long as you focus on adding a lot of value, you'll succeed. The truth is that most people attempt to do the least amount of work for the greatest return. That's the employee mindset. Entrepreneurs need to think directly opposite to that.

If you're serious about succeeding in whatever occupation you're enthralled in from home, then not only do you need to add value, but you need to add an immense amount of it. If you have value to give and you go out of your way for others, people will notice. And word gets around. But if you take the opposite approach, you can kiss your chances of success in your at-home position goodbye.

Rules for success when working from home.
As alluring as it is to work from the confines of your place, there is a real possibility to get distracted. If you lack the discipline or your life is replete with bad habits that tend to set you back, being in an environment that lacks structure is incredibly distracting.

It's hard to stay focused and keep on track or schedule. To succeed, you need to get organized. Set yourself up for success by following a few simple suggestions. That's especially true if you're a traveler or a remote worker on the road in cities across the globe.

And especially when the attraction of a white-sandy beach replete with towering coconut palms swaying in the wind is nearby, or a bustling metropolis that you've just been bursting at the seams to explore is just a hop, skip and a jump away,  it can become incredible distracting. So you need to stay disciplined and follow these five rules.

Wake up early.
You'll get much more done in the morning hours. You're the most attentive and focused early on. The clutter of the day still hasn't weighed your mind down. Use this time to focus on your most important tasks (MITs) of the day. These are the tasks that will move you closest to your long-term goals.

Set daily goals.
Plan your day by setting daily goals. Take your weekly, monthly or yearly goals and break them down by the day. It's easier to plan and not get too overwhelmed when you focus on hitting those daily milestones. This goes a long way when you're attempting to work from home.

No procrastination.
Procrastination can zap you of all your productivity. To avoid procrastinating, use the 15-minute rule. Take a timer from your phone or other source, and set it to 15 minutes. Do the one thing you've been putting off for longest, but only for 15 minutes. It builds momentum and helps break patterns, plus it's too small fail at.

Manage your time.
You need to effectively manage your time if you're an entrepreneur or remote worker. Find a system that works, such as the quadrant time management system, and implement it. The fewer interruptions and distractions, the more likely you'll be to stay productive and achieve your goals.

Eliminate bad habits.
Habits make up 45 percent of human behavior, according to one study. From everything we think, say and feel, even down the websites we visit and apps we use on our phone, are all habit driven. Do an inventory of bad habits and work to eliminate them. Otherwise, they'll get in the way of your productivity while trying to work from home.

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Best home-based occupations.
While there are likely hundreds of potential occupations you could engage in while working from your own home, these 17 give you the flexibility and opportunity to help you generate an income no matter where you're from.

1. Virtual assistant (VA)
Depending on what country you're from, being a VA can be lucrative when compared to the income status quo. However, even if it doesn't equate to a great income, it is a start. If you've just left your full-time job and you're looking for an entrepreneurial pursuit that doesn't require very much technical training, try your hand at being a VA.

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2. Video editor
As the web matures and global connectivity rates increase, video is becoming central to just about every platform. Becoming a well-versed video editor will certainly help you create a sustainable home-based business by tapping into this powerful medium.

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3. Virtual tutoring
Tutoring over Skype and FB Messenger is a very real and feasible opportunity to teach students something you know from halfway around the world. The beauty is that you don't need to be in the same room thanks to the explosion of video chat across multiple platforms. You could easily teach a language, a musical instrument or even tutor some subject like mathematics, science or history.

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4. Customer service representative
Global corporations are always looking for freelance remote customer service representatives to assist them with their sales and support channels. This is great if you're looking to jump into something part time or full time and you don't need to be working on-site.

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5. Web developer
While there are a lot of tools for automation when it comes to web development today, nothing takes the place of being able to code from scratch and develop feature-rich applications that can be deployed for a variety of purposes. You can also make a considerable amount of money by excelling in this field.

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6. Translation services
If you're multi-lingual, consider engaging in translation services. Companies and professional entrepreneurs from around the world are constantly seeking translation services. You can use a variety of sites to offer your services. Create a professional website and grab some great testimonials if you want to succeed in the long term in this endeavor.

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7. Medical or insurance transcriptionist
If you're great at typing, consider transcribing medical records (or even insurance claims). Large corporations are constantly outsourcing these types of services and it's a simple way that you can make money from home. You don't need to live in any particular place or have much in the way of qualifications.

8. SEO or SEM specialist
If you have knowledge in search engine optimization (SEO) or search engine marketing (SEM), consider offering your services to others. SEO is a highly complex field that involves a vast amount of knowledge and people pay a hefty price for people that know how to rank. SEM means mastering PPC and paid ads like Facebook, Google and YouTube. Both are highly lucrative fields. Find a good course or organization that can assist you in this endeavor.

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9. Writing and editing
If you have a knack for writing, try your hand at ghost writing or editing. There are always people looking for good writers and editors all the time. It's a skill that's developed over time, and one that can be mastered with consistent practice. If you're really good, you could even become a copywriter and command thousands of dollars for a sales letter.

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10. Franchise owner
Some franchises can be run from home. There are a number of home-based franchises that can be operated with very low overhead and without a physical location. Much of this is in the marketing field, but all you have to do is find the right franchise that fits your needs and run with it. These also often have lower up-front costs than larger and more established physical-location franchises.

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11. Data entry jobs
Need something steady that you could do to earn some income from home? You could become a data entry specialist and freelance for a number of companies or professionals. You could even work remote for a large company doing data entry. But keep in mind that this requires accuracy and efficiency.

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12. Affiliate marketer
One of the most lucrative at-home jobs that you could engage in is to become an affiliate marketer. An affiliate markets products or services for other companies. Not for themselves. But for an affiliate that has a large list or knows how to command free traffic or is a traffic-and-conversion ninja, affiliate marketing can be extremely financially rewarding.

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13. Accountant or bookkeeper
Have a thing for numbers? One job you could easily do from home is to be an accountant or a bookkeeper. You could have private clients or you could work for a large corporation. That's entirely up to you. As long as you're good at what you do, this can easily be done from anywhere in the world.

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14. Mystery shopper
You don't need a physical location or a storefront to be a mystery shopper. Mystery shoppers are often freelancers who work for themselves, going from location to location to test the buying or support experience. They even do this online today by shopping on websites and contacting the customer service line.

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15. Blogger
Want to start a blog to make money online? When done right, blogging can produce tremendous income, but it needs to be combined with email marketing, sales funnels and lead magnets. Find your voice, setup a blog and find products or services you could sell. Forget about ads in the beginning. Or, you could create your own digital products as well. Either way, the potential is massive, but not many can follow through.

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16. Social media marketer
Social media marketing is a lucrative skill to have. Businesses, big and small, realize the utility in marketing and appearing on social media. Having enough followers or fans and knowing how to spread the message and get the word out in the digital realm is becoming increasingly important.

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17. Graphic designer
It's difficult to find great graphic designers these days. But this is a skill that will always be needed. You could easily create a substantial income by becoming a graphic designer and specializing in things like logos, flyer design, business cards, and so on. While the market is competitive, people will always be willing to pay a hefty premium for great graphic designers.


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Apple Is Hiring Work-From-Home AppleCare Advisors (With Perks!)

Are you an Apple fanatic? Do you kneel at the altar of the iPad? Are you extremely tech-savvy? Well, you’re in luck: Apple is hiring people to work from home as AppleCare advisors, and there are some serious perks that go along with the job.

If you’re interested, here’s what you need to know. First, you can apply from anywhere in the country—from sea to shining sea. Next, you’ll need some serious tech knowledge under your belt already, because you’ll be helping customers with any troubleshooting issues that may arise with their Apple products.

You’ll also need:

At least two years of technical troubleshooting experience
Experience with customer service and support
A flexible schedule (between 7 a.m. and 10:30 p.m. CST, including weekends and holidays–technology never sleeps!)
Availability for 5-6 weeks of training, possibly including weekends
A typing speed of 40 WPM while talking to customers–but faster is better
A quiet workspace
High-speed internet
Apple needs its at-home workers to have a real home office when they’re dealing with customers, so if you have kids running around (or a yapping dog)—or just tend to work in coffee shops—then this position isn’t for you.

Oh and about those perks: in addition to what Apple calls “competitive” pay and benefits, you’ll also get discounts on a number of Apple products! Your employee discount (they don’t say how much it is, but hopefully it’s pretty generous) covers iPads, iPhones, iPods and Apple Watches.

According to an article from TechCrunch, AppleCare advisors make between $9 and $12 an hour, but the advisors who were interviewed for the article say you really work for every dollar. Translation: Apple expects extremely high-quality work, so there’s no hopping up from your desk for a quick coffee run in the middle of your workday.

If this sounds good to you and you’re eager to flex your tech skills, apply online here. And then can you tell me how to get iMessage working on my laptop again?

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10 Work-From-Home Jobs With Salaries Of $100,000 Or More

If becoming an AppleCare advisor isn’t the right job for you, check out these jobs that let you work from home and pay $100,000 or more.

As more and more employers recognize the value of letting employees work from home, they’re creating remote jobs in dozens of high-paying career fields.

Remote jobs website FlexJobs sifted through 32,000 job openings on its website to find 10 positions that pay at least $100,000 a year (some even pay more!). Here’s their list of positions or types of jobs that pay six figures.

1. ECommerce Director

Potential salary: $175,000 to $200,000

From the job description: One ecommerce director job description on FlexJobs said this: “Requires a technical four-year degree and at least 15 years experience creating enterprise-level applications. Coordinates multifunctional team activity for eCommerce project deliverables” FlexJobs says.

2. Senior Medical Director

Potential salary: $140,000 to $155,000

From the job description: One company based on the East Coast said they’re looking for a medical director to “perform strategic development tasks.” They prefer someone with experience in oncology.

3. Sales Director

Potential salary: $120,000 to $150,000

From the job description: One Boston-based company is looking for someone with a bachelor’s degree and three years of related work experience. “Key responsibilities will include managing sales pipelines, supporting special projects, and other relevant duties.”

4. Equipment Fleet Director/Technical Services Manager

Potential salary: $90,774 to $134,764

From the job description: One Pennsylvania-based company said this person “will work on providing hands-on technical application support, supporting technical and product handling presentations, and providing safety inspection and training to customer teams. Strong planning skills needed.”

5. Back-End Web Developer

Potential salary: $100,000 to $120,000

From the job description: This company says its new developer will “create designs, monitor functionality, monitor industry trends, and develop applications.” They’re looking for someone with a bachelor’s degree in computer science and three years of experience.

6. Senior Business Analyst

Potential salary: $90,000 to $120,000

From the job description: According to one job listing, the right candidate will “support the analysis, design, implementation, operation, and support of internal business applications.”

7. Team Lead, Statistical Programming

Potential salary: $100,000 to $115,000

From the job description: The statistical programing team lead for one pharmaceutical company will “lead several projects, assist with the management of budgets, time lines and resources, ensure deliverables are delivered and oversee the programming aspects of clinical trials.”

8. Structure And Bridge Engineer Senior

Potential salary: $77,571 to $108,000

From the job description: This type of engineer oversees “engineering aspects of highway bridges and structures. Must have a valid PE license, related knowledge, and strong communication skills,” according to one job listing.

9. Account Executive

Potential salary: $100,000

From the job description: An account executive will “manage client relations and accounts to increase sales,” according to one job listing.

10. Payroll Manager

Potential salary: $70,000 to $100,000

From the job description: According to one job posting, “the ideal candidate will have ADP/Paychex or similar and SQL experience as well as managerial experience at a large payroll processing company.