Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Paid Surveys Scam - Will You Really Earn Money?

We have heard this question asked on several sites, and it's something I given thought to about personally when I first took a look at paid survey agencies.

I did a little exploring and located that there are a couple of things that may be resulting in this false impression about paid surveys and paid survey firms.

Money Claims -

The Income claims you find on many paid survey internet sites may be one of the big misconceptions behind paid surveys. While on most of the paid survey web pages you will see something similar to this

"take on line surveys and get paid $4 to $70 per survey!"

"participate in focus groups by going online and get paid $40 to $140 per hour!"

Now these kind of numbers can be achieved by means of paid surveys but they are a bit misleading if you do not see between the lines.

Such as the per survey sum, In most cases it will be the smaller amount, you usually only get a larger total when you get fortunate enough to be a part a tightly focused panel where there are a lesser number of participants.

Currently the per hour number is feasible too, but you have to recognize how they are getting this number.

Example of this: If you got one survey job and got compensated $10 for that survey, and it only required you 5 minutes to finish it, you would fundamentally be making $120 an hour for that 5 minutes.

The way I see it, I really do not feel you will get wealthy taking over the internet surveys, but I do believe you can make some bucks doing something that only takes a small amount of your time.

There are two types of paid survey sites

There is really no way of knowing but I think this may be the most significant cause for "paid survey scam" reports.

There exists a couple types of survey websites you will find on the Internet, one is no cost and the other is not. Some individuals think that if you have to pay, then it must be a scam because paid surveys are suppose to be free. Examine below and see for yourself why this statement is not correct.

The first type is a paid survey company website. The Paid Survey Company website is the site that will actually send you the survey and they are the ones that will issue your check. Paid Survey company sites are in almost ALL cases free to become a member of.

The second brand of paid survey site is a Paid Survey Member subscription site and there is usually always a price involved in joining one of these sites. The Paid Survey Membership site gives you access to a file of hundreds of "completely free" paid survey companies and give you some information regarding the companies.

I actually believe that lots of people join paid survey membership internet sites and when they discover that it is not a paid survey company, but only a data source of paid survey companies they feel they have been scammed, but that really is not correct. The paid survey membership internet site has spent hours and hours putting together A HUGE database of companies it would take forever for you to pile up on your own, plus many of them update it on a regular basis, and for a one time payment you get lifetime access and improvements. It is really just a matter of how much is your time frame worth?

Therefore are paid surveys rip offs? In my view, although they may not be your ticket to extreme wealth, I do not feel that paid survey websites are scams, but I will let you take the knowledge in this article and judge for yourself.

Manuel Holder is CEO & Founder of Nu Money Marketing.

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