Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Life Events Legal Plans That Level the Playing Field - Providing Equal Access To The Legal System



PHOENIX,Az., June 15, 2010 - Did you know that every year 1 in 2 families

will require the services of an attorney? In many instances, legal issues

are precepitated by personal and professional challenges in one's life.

Mounting debt, stress on the job, or a personal crisis may be the catalyst

for legal assistance. Huey Lowery,a forward thinking entrepreneur and

owner of Lowery Financial Group, says more than half of all households

have a legal situation right now. In fact, you are nearly three times

more likely to be in court than you are to be hospitalized!

(National Center State Courts/American Hospital Association)

When meeting with individuals and families,one of the first questions

Lowery ask is "What would you do if you needed an attorney for a

traffic ticket, a divorce, injured in a car accident or had a credit

problem?" His suggestion is to have them look at a life events legal

plan. These plans, he explains are similar to insurance, which gives

it's members access to attorneys for a small monthly fee. To learn

more about Lowery Financial Group, join the celebration at their

upcoming Open House on Friday, July 9, 2010 from 3:00pm to 6:00pm

at 400 W. Camelback Rd, Suite 104, Phoenix,Arizona. Lowery who has

been in the insurance industry for more tha twenty-five years and

is an Independent Associate with Pre-Paid Legal, says his goal is

to help individuals,families, and small business owners find peace

of mind and security through low-cost access to the legal system.

Karl D. Sauer II of Phoenix says, "I want to thank Pre-Paid Legal

for their prompt handling of the legal problems I've had this year.

Apparently this was my year to sus or be sued and pre-paid legal

made the situation all the more bearable." Currently more than

45 million Americans belong to pre-paid legal plans, most of whom

are middle class people who could otherwise not afford the services

of an attorney. It boils down to this - you can get top-notch legal

services of a nationwide network of Attorneys... for less than a

cup of coffee a day. Manuel Holder, an Associate with Lowery Financial

Group and a pre-paid legal member says "Legal problems are a fact

of life in today's complicated world, problems we can't afford

to ignore. A life event legal plan will make a difference in

your life and the lives of your immediate family members."

Lowery Financial Group's primary product is "Your Life Events

Legal Plan". This is a NOW benefit, and one of the most

powerful elements of what they provide, the immediate access

to legal counsel on an unlimited number of issues. There are

no claim forms, no deductibles, no list of attorneys to guess

about, no yellow pages, simply toll-free direct access to a

law firm.

For more information contact Lowery Financial Group,

(602)423-6348 or visit us at 400 W. Camelback Rd, Suite 104,



Thursday, June 10, 2010

Rich Information About Making Real Money Online Ads

Rich Information About Making Real Money Online Ads
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Rich Information About Making Real Money Online Ads

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