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4 Vital Website Content Tips

4 Vital Website Content Tips

A website is made up of three essential components: URL/Hosting, graphics/design, and written content. Many website creators are preoccupied with aesthetics and have a keen eye for design, but not nearly as much concern and dedication is invested in the content. 

While design is quite important, as it sets the tone and highlights the professionalism of your brand, it is paramount that your content gets at least an equal amount of attention.

Written content reigns supreme when it comes to your brand. It is the most difficult aspect of your website to flesh out, and can sometimes be an overwhelming undertaking. Here are some ways in which content makes the biggest difference.

Attract the Search Engines

The most impressive design on your website will never suffice in convincing Google that you have outdone the competition if you do not actually say anything. Above all else, search engines are driven by written content. When they crawl your page, they scan your text, searching it for quality, probing for links and relevant articles. 

Search engines crave information that is pertinent to search terms, which is why keywords are the hallmark of your content. Having a lot of content, and ensuring it is rife with relevant information, is vital in achieving the organic rank necessary to drive the most traffic to your website.

Tell Your Story

There is no need to become over-involved in SEO jargon and lingo. What matters more than anything is that your content is written in a way that your guests, clients, and prospects find useful and helpful. 

When you are writing the About Us page, do just do that. What is your business about? Offer your goals - past, present, and future. Insert images to divide large segments of text. Provide information in your content that will help answer questions your visitors might have.

Remember, your real target is an actual human being and not a search engine. That is why providing information that is both relevant and helpful is conducive to keeping your visitors from leaving your website to find one that can give them the information they are searching for. Be a human who writes like a human, for humans. There is nothing more sterile and inauthentic than a page so overwrought with key words that it becomes unintelligible. 

Get to the Point

Successfully written content means understanding what your target audience wants. If you are a restaurant owner, then you probably want to provide your business hours, a downloadable menu, images of menu items and food, as well as photos of your restaurant’s interior. 

A page about your catering service or accommodating large reservations is tremendously beneficial. Conversely, it would not make sense to have staff directories with bios on every employee; that would make more sense for a financial institution or a university.

Mix It up a Little

Blogs are a great way for touching on broader topics with more detail. It offers new content for your website on a regular basis, thereby attracting new visitors and, most importantly, garners new links. When visitors read your blog and want to share it with others, it gets passed on via link format, thus drawing in more traffic from sources you may not have had access to otherwise. 

Content does not always have to be words on a page. Depending on what service or product you offer, consider other avenues, such as a vlog (video blog), a podcast for download, or a fascinating infographic.  

Manuel Holder is CEO & founder of Nu Money Marketing.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

3 Ways to Ease Your Way Into Digital Marketing

Every business that wants to be successful in today's marketplace must participate in online marketing. We are living in a digital world. Operating in an analog frame of mind will do nothing for perpetuating further success. 

Stay up with your competition by learning how to ease your way into digital marketing so you can experience all of the benefits it has to offer.

Get a Mentor, Coach, or Consultant

No business can succeed by itself. Instead of trying to take on online marketing alone, find a professional who has achieved success in this area.  This could be a mentor, coach, or consultant.

The shortcuts that come along with connecting with people who are already knowledgeable about online marketing are priceless. Not only do you avoid the many different headaches that come with going about things the wrong way, but you will also get a helping hand to ensure that your efforts results in more revenue.

Educate Yourself

A successful business owner is always learning. There are many facets of online marketing, so gain more insight by doing a little research. Do a search for online marketing sites and start reading up on the different options and how they work so you have some idea before you get started. 

Download free reports and sign up for e-newsletters on the topic. Go to your local book store, and peruse the many magazines and books about online marketing. Go to your library, and check out some books. You can even upload books to your Kindle reader for extra learning convenience.

Join Networking Groups

Networking groups are just as important in the digital marketing field as they are in the traditional marketing venues. They play an important role in meeting other business owners and like-minded people. The groups themselves are a fantastic support community to encourage and inspire others to prosper and advance.

Find a networking group that fits your company's products or services – both online and offline. Ask other business owners how they utilize digital marketing and if there are any recommendations available. You will be amazed at how friendly and helpful even your most fierce competition can be. A winner likes to see others succeed.  

Make your online marketing journey a meaningful and successful one by taking these few steps before jumping in. Laying this foundation for success will make things a lot easier and a lot more profitable at the end of the day.


Thursday, August 13, 2015

Why Online Marketing is a Solid Investment Today

Why Online Marketing is a Solid Investment Today

Online marketing, also known as “eMarketing, Digital Marketing, Internet Marketing,” as well as other terms translates into “advertising online or on the web.” 

There’s no disputing that it is a valuable tool when it comes to bringing business owners and consumers together. However, as a business owner, you may be wondering if it is truly worth the investment.

Online Marketing is Effective

The sole purpose of successful online marketing is to utilize a campaign strategy at the lowest possible cost and risk investment, while maximizing sales potential and profit. 

However, just having a website does not work anymore. Whether your business is an e-commerce company or a traditional brick and mortar business, with the right visibility and exposure, you can generate more online traffic, increasing sales and profit.

Online marketing costs much less in comparison with most other marketing strategies. Moreover, online marketing allows you to target your efforts all the way down to specific demographics, which no other type of advertising or marketing can accomplish. 

Online marketing also allows consumers to research and purchase your products and services at their own leisure, which is appealing to most consumers. Having a solid online presence allows them to do just that – putting them one step closer to doing business with you.

If you want statistics, online marketing lets you measure them very easily. Practically all elements of an online marketing campaign can be traced and tested in some form, including:

* Email Open Rates and Conversion Rates
* Website Traffic and Activity
* Social Traffic and Activity
* Video Views and Activity
* PPC (Pay Per Click) Results
* … and much more

Web analytics are also useful in being able to track the exposure, response, and overall effectiveness of online marketing by collecting, analyzing, and reporting back Internet data. 

Here, advertisers can determine the best return on investment (ROI). Tracing and assessing can be accomplished immediately since most tracking tools can be easily setup and ready to go in just minutes.

There are a number of steps you can take in order to successfully market your business online, from optimizing your website’s copy for search engines to writing an e-newsletter and/or a blog. 

Online marketing is a collaboration of elements that produce a successful web-based advertising strategy or campaign. Recognizing the tools needed and making the most of them demands a huge amount of skill, expertise, and practice. The work that is put in eventually determines the level of accomplishment that will be achieved. 

Monday, March 30, 2015

NU MONEY MARKETING: [Checklist] The 5-Point Business Blog Accelerator

NU MONEY MARKETING: [Checklist] The 5-Point Business Blog Accelerator: If you want to take your blog from this... … to this… … you need to dig in to this article. I’m about to reveal the 5-Poin...

[Checklist] The 5-Point Business Blog Accelerator

If you want to take your blog from this...

… to this…


… you need to dig in to this article.
I’m about to reveal the 5-Point Business Blog Checklist we use to transform ghost town blogs with no traffic into boom town blogs that generate leads and sales for a real business.
Let’s start with the most critical point in the checklist…

1 – Compelling Lead Magnet(s)

Email is still king folks.
It’s how you’ll bring people back to your content again and again.  But it’s also how you’ll make offers.
There is no difference between a blog subscriber and a lead.  A lead is a blog subscriber and a blog subscriber is a business lead.
And if you want leads, you need a Lead Magnet.  (For a complete understanding ofLead Magnets, read this article.)
This Lead Magnet has generated 36,859 leads/blog subscribers over the last 60 days at the time of this writing…
Getting blog subscribers
You’ll want to make this Lead Magnet offer in places like your blog sidebar as we have above.
But the sidebar is NOT where you’ll get the majority of your opt-ins.
Not even close.
Of the 36,859 leads/subscribers we’ve generated from this Lead Magnet only 319 of them opted-in by clicking on that banner in the right sidebar.
And that’s why you must have…

2 – Dedicated Landing Pages

The other 36,540 leads/subscribers that joined our email list to get this Lead Magnetentered our website on this page…


It’s a type of landing page called a “squeeze page.”  We call it that because there are only two things you can do on this page…
  • Opt-in to get the Lead Magnet
  • Leave
If you do it right, it’s possible to convert 40, 50 even 60% of visitors to a squeeze page into leads/subscribers.
So, how do you do it right?
There are 3 factors that will determine your Lead Magnet opt-in rate and they are (in order of importance)…
  • The Offer – If you don’t make a compelling offer, nothing else matters.
  • The Copy – Particularly the headline and bullets describing the Lead Magnet offer. (Read more about writing persuasive bullets here)
  • The Layout/Design – The look and feel of your landing page is important —- but only if the offer and copy are done right.  No amount of design or layout will save a bad offer or copy.
That’s it.
That’s it.
But I know what you’re thinking.
How in the heck do you get traffic to a “squeeze page?.”
Great question.  It’s time to add…

3 – A Paid Traffic Strategy

At Digital Marketer we don’t worry about traffic.
When we want traffic, we turn it on… like a water faucet.
We like getting clicks from SEO.  And clicks from our Facebook Fans.
But we don’t pin our hopes to organic (free) traffic.  We’d much rather develop a great offer and cut a check for the traffic.  That way we know the traffic is coming.
We know WHEN it is coming.  And WHERE it is going.
It’s reliable.  Consistent.
And we can get data back very quickly this way.  In a day or two we can answer questions like…

How many of the 1,000 visitors we sent to that Lead Magnet squeeze page became leads/subscribers?
We may buy traffic, but we don’t like to pay for leads and subscribers.  So, we liquidate the cost of traffic by making a low-dollar offer to those that opt-in for the Lead Magnet.
We call it a Tripwire offer and you can learn all about the Tripwire offer and more in this article.
But here’s the short story about how we use Tripwire offers to generate leads, blog subscribers AND customers without spending a thin dime.
Let’s look at an example…
We have a Lead Magnet called the 60 Second Blog Plan that is designed to add more bloggers to our email list.
Here’s the Lead Magnet squeeze page for that offer…


 Let’s say we drive 1,000 paid clicks for $.50 a click.  The page converts ~50% of that traffic into leads.
When visitors opt-in, they are made a $10 offer on the “Thank You Page” and ~10% of people buy this low-dollar “Tripwire” offer.
The results?  500 new leads.  50 new buyers.  Zero out of pocket.
It looks like this…
Self Liquidating Offer
Yep… if you want your blog to make money — you need to treat it like a business.
Create great content and offers and force eyeballs on it with a paid traffic strategy.
As the business owner it is your job to develop great offers and drive the strategy of the business and blog.  As a result you’ll find yourself much less able to spend time creating content.
Instead, you’ll need…

4 – Multiple Authors

Can you create a single author blog that makes money?  Absolutely.
But the big blogs that are really crushing it don’t operate like blogs.
They operate like media companies.  They operate like a true publisher with multiple authors.
Why?  For one, creating content is time intensive and not the best use of the business owner’s time.  Can you still write for your blog?  Sure, just don’t think that your primary role is creating content.  You need to generate leads and sales.
Secondly, with multiple authors you’ll access multiple networks.  When people create content, they share it with their network.   (Learn more about finding people to write for your blog here.)
Think about it… Arianna Huffington is not busy creating the next piece of content for Huffington Post.  Steve Forbes isn’t furiously writing to beat a deadline on
The business owner needs to be… well… running the business.  Not working in the weeds on the next blog post.
Darren Rowse is the owner of, a multi-author blog about blogging.  But he also owns a dominant blog in the photography space called Digital Photography School or DPS.  This blog, according to received 923,575 unique visitors in January of 2015.
DPS is a multi-author blog…
The blogs we create are run like media companies and have multiple authors. has a group of experts that are tapped to provide content…
And is the same…
If you want to create a blog that generates sales and leads — get out of WordPress and start running the business side of the media property you are building — not the editorial side.
That said, to run a successful business blog you will need…

5 – A Relentless Dedication to Quality

Why is this listed #5?
Because high quality content is table stakes.  If you want to play the blogging game, you’ll need great content just to sit down at the table.
Here’s why…
By creating a business blog you have become both…
  • The publisher – You publish content in the same way that the New York Times, ESPN or Cosmopolitan magazine does.
  • The advertiser – You sell products and services around the outside of that published content.
When you publish great content, it creates an audience — just as it does at the New York Times, ESPN or Cosmopolitan.
You make offers (as the advertiser) to that audience.
Bad Content = No Audience = No Ability To Advertise
Simple as that.  The same as a bad television show (content) on ABC, CBS or NBC will attract no audience and thus no advertisers.
If you’re running a blog (or are starting one) ask yourself these questions…
  • Do I have compelling Lead Magnet(s)?
  • Do I have dedicated landing pages?
  • Do I have a paid traffic strategy?
  • Do I have multiple authors?
  • Do I have a relentless dedication to quality?
Blog Accelerator Checklist

Questions?  Comments?  I’d love to talk about it in the comments section.

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